• BRM - Always Summer [Original Mix]
  • BRM - Always Summer [Breame Remix]

BRM – Always Summer

BRM - Always Summer
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    SAME Recordings
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There is no need to guess why this track was named as it was. The twisted bassline and arresting percussion mix beautifully with the alluring chords and sidechaining swung lead to create a masterpiece of summery goodness. Wave after wave of build finally delivers the gratifying main section, while the orchestral strings act as a gorgeous sunset to the track’s summer’s day.

The Breame remix forgoes the gentle touch of the original and substitutes it for classic trance drive. Stabbing synths and hard arpeggiated bassline is the order of the day for this track. The breakdown sees a reprise of the orchestral strings and adds a teasing lead in stark contrast to the earlier sections, which builds to colossal proportions for the main section.

Appears on

Heavens Gate Volume 1 SAME Radio Show Volume 1  

The press wrote

“…I absolutely love it, I’ve had it on repeat for most of the day.”

Woody van Eyden